BaDBoYv5 hack for cs 1.6 fix bugs and virus trojan fixed

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BaDBoYv5 hack for cs 1.6 fix bugs and virus trojan fixed

Post  throzen on Sat Jul 19, 2008 1:58 pm

To start the cheat do this:

1) Open BaDBoYv5.exe
2) Press Load Hack button
3) Start Counter Strike and join a server
4) Press "end"-button to start cheat
5) Press "insert"-button to set up the cheat.
If you don't know how to move in the menu that comes up you scroll with your mouse-scroll to get down and up in the menu. To get in to a sub-menu, you press the left mouse button, and if you want to go back one step you press the right mouse button. As simple as that.
6) Press start-it in the menu to activate the hack

New feautures added in version 5.
- New AimBot that aims better.
- New consol with a picture as background.
- New menu-style
- New ESP textures
- Winamp player
- Panic Key (not working properly)
- A clock below the radar

To get the cheat-console up you press "delete"-button.
In here you can write many commands like:
- speed
- wall
- nospread
- avdraw
- and many more

With the commands you might have to add a number after witch will set the setting for you. You could change the wall for an example by writing: wall 2
Download Here

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